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Chef RoyalTee is a creative and professionally trained culinary artist with more than a decade of experience in the industry. Her passion is fueled by a self defined philosophy; Connection through Cuisine. She believes that art, mainly culinary arts, has the power to heal and connect individuals across all walks of life.

The combination of an early love for the kitchen paired with several years of honing her skills at Food & Finance H.S. (NYC '12) and Johnson & Wales University (N. Miami '16) allow Chef RoyalTee the ability to create delectable dishes utilizing a variety of techniques and styles of cuisine. Experience in a number of industry kitchens throughout NYC and South Florida taught discipline, sense of urgency, and tested her resilience. Her first self-owned business, Chef RoyalTee Catering & Events, allowed her to put her management skills to the test and branch out to explore more of her creativity while nurturing long lasting relationships with her clientele. As the global pandemic shifted business operations, Chef RoyalTee decided to pivot her business model to one that could empower the everyday home-cook to #FeastLikeRoyalTee! Through digital cookbooks and guides, hands-on cooking classes, and her collections of fusion inspired culinary products, Royal Fusion, Chef RoyalTee seeks to inspire foodies to expand on their skills and explore the multitude of flavors the world has to offer.

When she's not in the kitchen, Chef RoyalTee enjoys indulging in other creative passions including dance, music, and art. She can be found dancing to Beyonce with her daughter London, binge watching a thrilling drama series, scrolling through funny or business related twitter threads, or thinking of a master plan!